[No root] Download Google Camera for OnePlus 7T (GCam 6.1)

OnePlus has recently launched the OnePlus 7T model which is the successor of the previous generation OnePlus 6T. The handset comes with a triple rear camera setup which packs a 48MP primary, a secondary 16MP ultra-wide, and an 8MP 2X telephoto lens. The OnePlus stock camera app brings so many features like Super Stable Video recording, dedicated Night Scape Mode, and more. It’s definitely one of the most powerful flagship cameras in a smartphone in 2019. But Google Camera simply delivers a lot better in every aspect. Here you can Download Google Camera for OnePlus 7T (GCam 6.1).

Google Camera only comes with Pixel series devices officially. But thanks to the APK developers who have developed the ported APK file for OnePlus 7T of GCam 6.1 version. The Google Camera offers Night Sight, PhotoSphere, Portrait, Lens Blur, Slow Motion, Advanced Settings, HDR Enhanced+, etc. You should try it for once.

Google Camera for OnePlus 7T (GCam 6.1)

Google Camera is a very popular and powerful camera app for Android smartphones. It offers powerful software coding that delivers stunning images and video quality even in low light. The night images, portrait shots, autofocus, edge detection, natural blur, selfie quality all are good enough. OnePlus 7T already has a nice camera sensor and good image quality. But when it comes to Google Camera, it just flawless.

Download GCam 6.1 for OnePlus 7T

GCam 6.1 APK – Link

Installation Steps:

Google Camera for OnePlus 7T (GCam 6.1)

  • Download the GCam APK file on your phone.
  • Then enable Unknown Sources option from the device Settings -> Security -> Additional settings -> Privacy.
  • Now, tap on the GCam APK file and install it.
  • That’s it.

Now, you will have to set the config file for the camera app. Let’s take a look at the recommended camera settings.

  • Create a folder called GCam in the internal storage and open the folder. Inside that folder, create a Configs folder.
  • Download the configuration file: OP7TSettingGizDev.xml
  • Copy the downloaded configuration file in /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/ location on your device.
  • Open the Google Camera and double-tap on the dark area beside the shutter button to open the config setting.
  • Select the config file and then tap on restore.
  • Close the app and open it again.
  • Now, open camera Settings > Advanced.
  • Set Back Camera Highlight Saturation to 1.2 & Shadow Saturation to 1.6 level.
  • You can also enable Enhanced HDR+.

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