How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone


AirTags is a very useful tool to keep track of important things that are likely to get lost such as keys, wallets, or anything. It’s pretty easier to track AirTags when we have our iPhone in hand. But, things get tensed when we have to track the AirTags and we don’t have our iPhone at the moment. In this guide, we will see how to find lost AirTags without an iPhone in some simple steps.

Apple does not allow setting up new AirTags without an iPhone or iPad but it allows users to find the lost AirTags with the help of “Find My” application on Mac. Notably, the support for AirTags was introduced first in macOS Big Sur 11.3. So, make sure your Mac has the required software version or above. 

As of now, Apple does not allow Mac users to use the precision finding feature and the ability to play sound on nearby AirTags. But, users can take advantage of “Lost Mode” and the Directions feature to track the lost AirTags. 

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How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  • Press Command + Space bar to open search and then type FindMy
  • You should see FindMy application in the search result, open the application
  • It will open “Devices” section, where you will not see your AirTags
  • Tap on “Items” section, which is right next to the “Devices” section
  • Now, you will see your AirTags in the left pane, select the AirTag
  • If you are getting last seen of the AirTag, then it’s likely that the AirTag is not in the range of any Apple devices. In this case, you can only see the last location and time of your AirTag
  • Now, Click on the AirTag icon on the map, and then tap on “i” icon
  • Tap on Directions, and see the current location of your AirTag
  • Users who are getting last seen of the AirTag can use the Lost Mode feature
  • To enable this, tap on the “i” icon and you will see “Lose Mode” at the bottom, enable it
  • After enabling this feature, you will get notified if the AirTag comes in the range of any Apple devices
  • Tap on “Continue” button and then, enter your contact details, phone number/email address
  • Then, tap on “Next” and then tap on “Activate” button
  •  The contact details you shared will be visible to people who find your lost AirTag, so that they can contact you.

Steps to Turn Off AirTags Lost Mode Using Mac

It’s important to turn off the Lost Mode for your AirTags to remove the contact details from AirTag, as it is no longer needed.

  • Open FindMy application on Mac
  • Go to “Items” section and click on your AirTag
  • Tap on the “i” just like we did before to open options menu
  • Click on “Enabled” under the Lost Mode section
  • Now, tap on “Turn Off Lost Mode”
  • Now, you are free to use your AirTag again.

We hope this guide was helpful for you. Free free to ask your queries (if any) down below in the comments.

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