How to share WhatsApp group links to contacts without admin permission?

Have you ever faced the issue where you wanted to add someone to a WhatsApp group but you didn’t have admin rights? For a long time, it wasn’t possible for WhatsApp users to share WhatsApp group links if they didn’t have admin rights. However, you’ll be glad to know that there is a workaround to that.

WhatsApp developers regularly look to add new and interesting features to make the messaging app more fun to use. WhatsApp has added a feature to the WhatsApp Group Invitation Link, which allows the admin of the group to add other participants to the group. This feature allows the admin to create an invitation link for contacts to join the WhatsApp group.

How to share WhatsApp group links without admin permission?

It is actually possible to share WhatsApp group links without needing admin permissions.

  1. One of the ways is to use a URL shortener like “”
  2. Once you’ve created the shortened link, you can share it with anyone, even the ones who don’t use WhatsApp
  3. Then they can easily click the link to join the group
  4. Another way of sharing a group link without admin permission would be to use a file-sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive

How to create a WhatsApp group invitation link?

share WhatsApp group links to contacts without admin permission

  1. Open your WhatsApp group.
  2. Tap the group’s subject.
  3. Scroll down and you’ll find the list of participants with two more options – “Add Participants” and “Invite via Link”.
  4. Tap on “Invite via Link” and you’ll get a “Join Link” for your WhatsApp group.
  5. You’ll need to share the link with others to join it. To share the link, you’ll get the direct option to share from the screen “send link via WhatsApp” or you might even use “Copy Link” and “Share Link” options.
  6. If you want to cancel/revoke the link, tap on the “Revoke Link” option. The old invite link will stop working. You’ll then be able to create a new invitation link for the same WhatsApp group.

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