How to add Face Filter Effects in WhatsApp video calls?


Key Takeaways:

  1. Access your Android phone’s settings and enable Face beauty under video call settings.
  2. During a WhatsApp call, adjust the face filter effect using the top right corner option.
  3. Set the filter percentage based on lighting and surroundings for an enhanced video call experience.

These days, everyone you know and love probably has a smartphone, giving you the luxury to see them within a matter of seconds. However, with such luxury and the feature of video calling at any time, it isn’t possible to make yourself look beautiful all the time. But there’s a trick to overcome that. You can simply use Face Filter Effects during WhatsApp video calls and beautify yourself and look good all the time during video calls.

Steps to enable the face beauty feature during WhatsApp video calls?

Suppose you’re calling someone on WhatsApp. Once you start calling, even before they’ve attended the call, you’ll see an option at the right side top corner to beautify your face. You’ll be able to adjust the mode and the percentage by sliding on it.

During the call, you’ll be able to adjust the filter effect to 20%, 50%, or even 100% among other percentages. You can then make adjustments depending on the lighting and your surroundings. With a simple setting on your Android device, you’ll be video call ready at any time.

How to add face filter effects in WhatsApp video calls/Face beauty?

If you want to appear more attractive and stunning on video calls, your device’s beautifying settings play a big role. However, not all Android video calling apps to enable this capability. It’s only compatible with a small number of apps. A beauty camera is frequently referred to as a Whatsapp video. The steps are as follows:

To activate the beauty mode on your Android phone, you first need to access the phone’s settings. Both searching for and using the Settings option is available. There is an alternative there. Additional video call settings >Face beauty. Turn on the WhatsApp feature.

WhatsApp Facebeauty Mode


In order to use the beauty camera on a Whatsapp video call, you must first complete this procedure.

How to make your own video filters?

There are many ways you can make video filters for video calls. One of the best ways is by using a software program like Adobe After Effects. It’ll allow you to create different custom filters and effects. Another way would be by using a website like VideoToolbox, which will allow you to create filters using codes. Lastly, you’ll also be able to use online tools like Pixel Bender or Filter Forge for creating filters.

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