How To Install Google Play Store on Remix OS

In this guide, you will learn how to Install Google Play Store on Remix OS.It is a very simple and easy procedure.So if you want to get Google play services on your Computer running Remix OS, follow the given steps carefully.

Remix OS developed for Windows / Mac computer and based on Android lollipop 5.1.1.It’s not an emulator like bluestacks & geneymotion.It is a fully working Operating system.You can basically Run android On windows Computer.You can multitask with different windows open.

You can Install it on any PC or Macbooks running on Intel or AMD chipsets. Currently, Remix OS can be booted from a bootable CD or USB drive, If you haven’t installed Remix OS yet, then follow our guide to Install Remix OS > How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 On Your PC or Laptop

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Remix OS is a fully working OS based on Android. It is fast and smooth.There is one big disadvantage of the OS is the lack of Google play services / Google Play store.Google Play store is the must have App store for any Android OS.But don’t worry we will be sharing a full step by step guide to Safely Install Google Play Store on Remix OS

Note: Boot the Remix OS in Resident Mode (Not Guest mode ).The Given tutorial involves a reboot, so even if you install Play Store in Guest mode, it won’t be saved and you can’t find it after rebooting your device


GMSInstaller.APK (Xda)

→ For more details on this app and tutorial visit this Source Xda post

Now just follow the detailed step by step guide given below to Safely Install Google Play Store on Remix OS

How To Install Google Play Store on Remix OS

Step By Step Guide

Install Google Play Store on Remix OS

  • Download the GMSInstaller.APK from the download section on your PC running Remix OS
  • Then Right-Click on the file and select Open to install it.
  • Once the app is installed, Go to the app drawer and launch the app
  • Next, select the “One-click to install Google Services” option to download the Google services
  • Once the Google services are installed, open the Remix OS Settings app and navigate to Applications » Manage Applications » then choose All.
  • Scroll down to the Google Play Services app and select it.Clear All Data Of the play services
  • Similarly, clear the data for the Google Services Framework app.
  • Lastly, reboot your PC running Remix OS
  • Done!!! Your Computer running Remix OS Should have the Google Play Store / Google Play services

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