How To Root Remix OS Using Ubuntu Guide

In this guide, you will learn How To Safely Root Remix OS.Here we will be using Ubuntu guide to get root access on Remix OS.It is a very simple, safe and easy process.So just follow the given steps carefully.

If you don’t know, Remix OS is not an emulator, it is a fully working OS running on the android lollipop.It is probably the most successful Android OS for computers having many features.Remix OS is the Mixture of android and ChromeOS.It offers Android a taskbar, start menu, and an excellent window management system.If you want to install Remix OS On your Windows PC / Laptop then Follow the Guide > How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 On Your PC or Laptop

Now there is another good news for all the Remix OS users.You guys now can root Remix OS via Ubuntu Guide.DroidTwe4kz, Senior Member over Xda posted an article on How to Root Remix OS using Ubuntu On Xda Forums.Our article is based on his Guide.

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Before following this guide, make sure you must install Ubuntu OS and Remix OS on your HDD not on Pendrive.

→ Now just follow the detailed step by step guide on How To Root Remix OS Using Ubuntu Guide


How To Root Remix OS Using Ubuntu Guide

Step By Step Guide

Root Remix OS Using Ubuntu Guide

  • First Download From the download section
  • Now extract the RemixRoot.Zip to Desktop
  • Then Copy system.img from your pendrive or hdd wherever you have installed Remix Os to this folder (ie RemixRoot folder it should be alongside Readme.txt)
  • Open Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)
  • Next, issue the following command
    sudo -i
  • Enter your password (If you are running in live cd then no password)
  • Change directory to RemixRoot folder.
    cd /home/user_name/Desktop
  • If everything goes right, next line of terminal will end with RemixRoot# followed by blinking cursor
  • Now run script by typing
  • If you do everything right, there won’t be any error message and you will get a root.img in your RemixRoot folder
  • Rename it to system.img and copy to your pendrive/hdd replacing previous system.img
  • Reboot and go to RemixOS and update SuperSU binaries
  • Done!!! Now your Remix OS is fully rooted.

If you have any question related to this guide, feel free to leave that in the comment section

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