iPhone 14 Pro Users reportedly getting Flashing Horizontal Lines upon booting up

Apple recently released its latest iPhone 14 lineup and the smartphones come with a number of exceptional features. However, there are also a few bugs and issues with the lineup. One of the common issues is that some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have been reporting horizontal lines flash on their iPhone display. In this guide, you will get to know about the iPhone 14 Pro users getting flashing horizontal lines upon booting up.

iPhone 14 Pro users reportedly getting Flashing Horizontal Lines

On Reddit, many iPhone users can be seen complaining about a number of issues. Many of the issues are coming from iPhone 14 users, with most of them complaining that they see green and yellow lines flashing across the display of their iPhones during boot up. The lines aren’t permanent. The lines are only visible while you are booting up your iPhone. These lines will also be displayed on the screen for a few seconds before disappearing before the device boots up.

Users have confirmed that they first saw this issue after upgrading to iOS 16.2. Apple Support forums and other Apple-related forums while some of them also stated that this issue was present in the earlier builds. According to them, the horizontal liens started appearing after upgrading to iOS 16.

Apple confirms it is working on a patch for this update

iPhone 14 Pro Users reportedly getting Flashing Horizontal Lines upon booting up

Users complain that they spoke to one of Apple’s engineers and the official stated that the company is already working on a patch to fix the issue. However, there are no details as of yet on the patch. Not everyone knows whether the update will come as an independent patch or as an iOS system update.

Currently, Apple developers are testing the iOS 16.3 update with developers and public beta testers. However, the iOS 16.3 update will not be available until early next year. It can be that Apple will release a patch to fix that or users might have to endure this until the iOS 16.3 finally comes out.

Source: Reddit / Apple Discuss Community Forum

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