How to Change Boot Animation in Galaxy S7 Edge

Best thing of using an Android device is, you can customise it as you want. Android OS known and used widely by it’s easy to customisability. Doesn’t matter you and your friend have the same mobile, you can make different from his/her phone. You can use custom wallpaper, themes or widgets. But today I’ll tell you how to change boot animation of your phone.

When you power on or restart your device, the first thing you see is the screen with device brand name and logo, that is known as boot animation. Samsung uses the QMG format for the boot animation. This format is only used in Samsung devices which different format than Android’s default boot animation file. The QMG files are created using Qmage commercial software, so an average customer cannot use that software. But by following the below trick you can set custom boot animation on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Steps to Add Custom Boot Animation in Galaxy S7 Edge

 Boot Animation

  1. First, download and install adb drivers on your PC.
  2. After ADB drivers installation, Go to ADB folder (C:ADB). Open the command prompt by press and holding “Shift + right mouse click” then choose ‘Open command window here’. (Allow any request for superuser permission in your phone)
    Open cmd from here
  3. Now execute the following commands
    adb shell
  4. To pull out the param.bin by executing following command which contains the splash logo
    dd if=/dev/block/sda4 of=/sdcard/param.bin bs=4096
  5. We should create folder in main sd card
    mkdir /sdcard/param
  6. Now you should enter into the created folder.
    cd /sdcard/param
  7. Now untar the param.bin into created folder
    tar xf /sdcard/param.bin
  8. If everything goes well you will see the folder called pharam in main sd card, this folder includes all bootloader images. You should just copy logo.jpg to your PC.
  9. Now edit the logo.jpg as you like. Keep in mind that background should be in black colour, do not change the file name and file size should not exceed 400KB.
  10. After editing is completed, save the edited log.jpg on main sd card.
  11. Now we have to paste it back in /sd card/param folder, and retar param.bin by executing the following commands.
    cp -f /sdcard/logo.jpg /sdcard/param/logo.jpg
    rm -f /sdcard/param.bin
    cd sdcard/param
    tar cf - `ls | sort -t.` > /sdcard/param.bin
  12. The last step, we should set param.bin in the system by executing the command below.
    dd if=/sdcard/param.bin of=/dev/block/sda4 bs=4096
  13. Done. Reboot your device to see new custom boot screen.

Hope you fond this article helpful. Share your custom boot screens in the comment section below.

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  1. I think you mixed up names. Bootanimation and splash screen are different. What you are trying to edit there is spash screen. Bootanimation is what comes after splash screen before the phone actually boots to lockscreen.

    Editing bootanimation is done by qmg files in /system/media folder, not through param.bin.

    Please consider to rename the boot animation to splash screen in text to avoid misunderstanding.

  2. Not sure if it is because I am on lineageos 18.1 but this process would brick your phone (I have s7 flat). I only wanted to change the boot logo.


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