How to Connect Samsung Buds To Any Android Smartphone

Aside from smartphones, Samsung’s wireless earbuds that are sold under the Galaxy Buds brand are incredibly popular. The brand offers many models that cater to different customers, with them offering excellent sound quality, a great battery life, and many other features.

While Samsung only highlights compatibility of the latest Galaxy Buds models with Samsung devices, you can actually pair them up to any Android device that you like. Although if you try to connect the Samsung Buds to a non-Android device, you could miss out on certain features.

How to pair Samsung Galaxy Buds to an Android phone

Irrespective of whether you own an Android smartphone from Samsung, Google, OnePlus, or any other manufacturer, the process to pair Galaxy Buds will remain the same. Before you start pairing Samsung Buds to your Android device, ensure that your Galaxy Buds have been in the charging case.

How to Connect Samsung Buds To Any Android Smartphone

The Samsung Buds must be charged at least 50% or more. You should open the charging case lid before you begin using the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download the Galaxy Wearable app on your Android device by going to the Google Play Store
  2. Tap “Start” and then grant access for the required permission to the app
  3. It’ll scan for any nearby devices to pair to
  4. Your Galaxy Buds will show up in the scanned devices list
  5. Now, tap on it and start the pairing process
  6. At this point, you can download additional plugins in the Galaxy Wearable app
  7. You should tap “Pair” when prompted

Your Samsung Buds have been paired successfully to your Android smartphone. If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device and are logged in with your Samsung account, the Samsung Buds will automatically pair with other devices linked to it. It’ll also allow for seamless device switching between the Samsung devices that are compatible.

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