How to Fix YouTube PIP Mode not working in iOS 16.1 Beta

When you have to do multi-tasking, the Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode is a handy tool that you must have in your arsenal. The video player essentially condenses into a small player and acts as the overlay that you can place anywhere on the screen while at the same time interacting with the rest of the apps on the screen.

However, this functionality seems to be giving a tricky time to iPhone users who are on the latest firmware (iOS 16.1 Beta). Many users have complained that the YouTube PIP mode isn’t working on iOS 16.1 Beta 1 and iOS 16.1 Beta 2. The PIP mode essentially turns grey with a forever loading icon. As far as the culprit behind this problem, for once, it isn’t the iOS update but the third-party app, i.e. YouTube.

The Picture in Picture mode has been tested across different apps in iOS 16.1 Beta 2 and they seem to be working well, so the fingers are being pointed at the search engine giant’s offering. With that said, there is a workaround that will help you fix the YouTube PIP mode not working in iOS 16.1 Beta issue.

How to fix YouTube PIP Mode not working in iOS 16.1 Beta issue

Fix YouTube PIP Mode not working in iOS 16.1 Beta

To fix this bug, you’ll need to reset the network setting on your iPhone. You should keep in mind that doing so would erase all the saved Wi-Fi networks, cellular settings, passwords, and VPN settings, so ensure that they’re synced in with your Apple account. Once it’s done, you can proceed to the below steps –

  • To begin with, you should go to Settings -> General
  • Go to Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset

Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset

  • Once you’ve done that, tap on Reset Network Settings

Reset iPhone

Reset Network Settings

  • That’s it, you have fixed the issue of YouTube PIP Mode not working on iOS 16.1 Beta 1

Note: As per some users, Apple has fixed the issue with ios16.1 beta 3

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