How to play Pokemon GO without moving anywhere On Android

Now you can play Pokemon GO without walking / moving anywhere on Android.Here we will be sharing a step by step guide to play Pokemon GO without walking on Any android device.This method only works with rooted devices so first make sure that your android device is rooted.Follow this guide it is avery easy and simple hack

Pokemon Go is the latest sensation in the internet with its hacks, tips and tricks going around like Ellen DeGeneres tweets. It has turned into an obvious frenzy and unless you are living in an isolated island, there is no chance for you to have missed this one.

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Pokemon Go is a pseudo-reality game that uses your phone’s camera and GPS. The catch here is that the player’s need to hunt for virtual Pokemon in real life locations! Gifting us with some awesome technology and tugging at our nostalgia for Pokemon, the game has managed to be an instant hit.

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Though I admit that the fun part about the game is all that running and walking, there sure is a way to bypass this requirement. So want to catch em’ all without moving a feet? Here’s how.

Note: This method only works on rooted android devices so first make sure that your android device is rooted

What do we need?


Pokemon Go makes good use of Google Maps and needs to trace your location using your phone’s GPS. And Pokemon Go Joystick simply tricks your GPS into believing that you are in other locations and do the moving. And what’s more? You could even adjust the speed at which you are moving.

Pokemon Go Joystick could help you to jump to a desired location by just tapping on the same! Even those rare Pokemon in water bodies and dense forests are accessible to you now. You can decide on the movement speed too. It has an easy-to-use interface. You could even store your favorite locations as bookmarks and use that to load them fast!And, you can always continue from where you left off before. There is a dedicated fly mode option too. And all this comes for free!

How to play Pokemon GO without walking anywhere on Android


Play Pokemon GO without walking anywhere On Android

  1. You should have Xposed app installed on your android device (must have)
  2. Now, Install the Joystick app in Android using the downloaded apk file.
  3. After that Download Hide Mock Location Module from above download section and install it.
  4. Next, Enable mock location option (For older android version) or On Android 6.0, Select the Mock LocationApplication to hide mock location
  5. Launch Xposed app in your device. Move to Modules option and enable both the modules check “Pokemon GO Joystick module” and  “Hide Mock Location Module
  6. Now reboot your device. This allows the module to use the Xposed framework.
  7. Start the app again by choosing it from the list of all installed apps.
  8. Toggle master switch on. Then, choose the pace at which you want to move. At the end of this, tap on Open/Close joystick.
  9. Launch Pokemon GO App and you can start playing it!
  10. Done!! now you can Pokemon GO without walking / moving anywhere On Any Android device

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