How to Download and Install Resurrection Remix On Galaxy S6

In this guide, you will be able to learn How to Download and Install Resurrection Remix on Galaxy S6 Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of the most revolutionizing devices of the tech industry. Not only was it a head-on competition for the iPhone 6, but it was better than it in many ways, making it still a great pick, and with all the discounted price, even we recommend you get your hands on with the amazing beast from two years ago. However, if you feel that the old laggy TouchWiz isn’t your piece of cake, then we’ve got you covered.

Resurrection Remix, on the other hand, is a very powerful Custom ROM available for a bunch of Android devices out there. It sports a ton of features which no other custom ROM has in the market for its users. The latest Nougat builds for Resurrection Remix have exciting features like enabling an equalizer in the navigation bar, adding screen overlays, more quick toggles, and honestly, and un-describable list of features. Now that CyanogenMod is gone, Resurrection Remix stays on top of our recommendation list.

But remember these are initial releases so may have some bugs but in future updates everything will be fixed.So if you are interested, you can install this ROM on your deviceIn this guide, we have left some steps for you to be able to learn How to Download and Install Resurrection Remix on Galaxy S6.

DISCLAIMER is not responsible for any hardware/software issues that occur to your device(s) by following this guide. We are certain that the following guide is carefully written, avoiding any mistakes on our side. If you are unsure of the causalities that may occur if the procedure goes wrong, then please don’t proceed.



└download the latest built according to date

How to Flash / Install Resurrection Remix On Galaxy S6 (Android 7.1.1 Nougat)

Download and Install Resurrection Remix On Galaxy S6

  1. Download the ROM file as well as the GApps file, and transfer it onto your Galaxy S6 using your data cable.
  2. Reboot your Galaxy S6 into the recovery mode. Guide  How To to Boot Into Recovery Mode On Android (Various Ways)
  3. Now, follow this in-depth guide to learn How to Download and Install Resurrection Remix on Galaxy S6  How To Install A Custom ROM Via Recovery On Any Android
  4. Return back to the TWRP menu, and reboot your device.

Good going! You’ve now learnt How to Download and Install Resurrection Remix on Galaxy S6. If you have any queries, feel free to hit us down in the comments section below. Also, we would love to hear what’s your favorite feature in the newest build of CyanogenMod 14.1 built off of Android 7.1 Nougat!

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  1. Avatar of Roy Mustang
    Roy Mustang

    I’ve flashed the ROM in my Galaxy S6 SM-G920I but after I finished it does not recognize the SIM network, just getting NO SIGNAL, you know how to fix it?

    • Avatar of Dibyajyoti Kabi
      Dibyajyoti Kabi

      You need to check the Xda thread.This may be a bug


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