How To Root Android Without Voiding / Breaking Warranty

Guide: How To Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty.Full step by step guide to get your android device rooted Without Voiding / Breaking Warranty iRoot

As most people will know about rooting and the fact that your warranty becomes void once you root your phone??For those of you unaware of it,‘Rooting’ means giving yourself special privilege or root permissions on your phone.  It’s similar to running programs as administrators in Windows. Rooting helps in unlocking hidden features, boosting phone’s speed, flashing ROM and much more. You can even backup, restore, or batch edit applications, and remove the bloatware that comes pre-installed on many phones.

Rooting android devices are now very easy compared to the earlier days.Now there are many one clicks tool available for android phones to Root Android with just a single click.

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New to rooting android learn What Is Rooting Android Phone? Advantages And Disadvantages [/symple_box]

There are various ways to root android devices.Some of the methods don’t work with every android device.Here we are going to mention few of those.

1)The best and most reliable way is to flash SuperSu root pack via recovery to get root access on android

2)Using any root app like kingroot, framaroot, towelroot.(This doesn’t need a PC)

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3)Last but not least using app like iRoot  to root android

[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]Here we are going to use iRoot to safely Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty

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Note: This procedure is only applicable for Android devices that run on version 4.0 or higher [/symple_box]

Software required:

You will require iRoot, a PC software that will do everything for you, and the drivers for your device installed in your PC, use the management software that comes with your device or search for it on the internet.

How To Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty

Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty

  • Step 1: First, check if your device is supported or not.Visit the iRoot official page here

iroot supported devices list

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[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Samsung users with Knox enabled should go to Settings > Security and disable Lock Reaction first. [/symple_box]

  • Step 2: Install and open iRoot.Click here to download

Download iroot

  • Step 3: Make sure to activate USB Debugging on your device by going to Developer Options and enabling it.Guide [icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging and OEM Unlock on Android
  • Step 4: Connect your device to your PC.
  • Step 5: Wait for iRoot to recognize the database.
  • Step 6: Once recognized, root option will appear.
  • Step 7: Click root and wait for a while as the procedure may take a few seconds. Your device will restart after this.
  • Step 8: Check to confirm whether you got the root permission by using Root Checker application, available in Google Play Store.

All done!!! Now avail the benefits of successfully rooting your phone and in case your phone gets damaged, get it repaired for free as the warranty is still intact.

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