Windows 11 KB5033375 December Update brings several Improvements

New Windows 11 Update KB5033375 Delivers Copilot Tweaks Plus Vital Security Upgrades.

This update was included in versions 23H2 and 22H2 from that month. KB5033375 was a routine monthly update that aimed to improve the operating system and fix existing issues.

Microsoft had previously launched a test version of Windows called build KB5032288 earlier in December. Normally these test previews come out near the end of the prior month. However, build KB5032288 was delayed because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Test previews often give people a sneak peek at upcoming features for the monthly Windows updates.

The KB5033375 update contained enhancements and fixes from the test build, along with security updates. Notable changes included an improved Copilot assistant for Windows, enhancements to the Windows Spotlight pictures feature, and various bug fixes. Copilot could now work across multiple monitors and be launched using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut. The goal was to make Windows run better and be more secure.

Windows 11 KB5033375 Update Details

Windows 11 KB5033375 December Update brings several Improvements

Details of the changes are listed below:

  • Copilot in Windows, still in preview, now works across multiple displays. You can activate it on a chosen display using the Copilot taskbar button. Win+C brings up Copilot on the last used display, while Win+T focuses the keyboard on the taskbar for Copilot access. Initially, this feature is limited to a small group but will expand over time.
  • Copilot can now be used with Alt+Tab, allowing you to switch between it and other open windows. This feature is also initially available to a limited audience and will be more widely available later.
  • Windows Spotlight may soon become the default background, especially if your background is a standard Windows image.
  • The update begins rolling out notifications for Microsoft accounts in the Settings > Home section, helping manage data, subscriptions, and security.
  • The update improves the speed of opening Copilot from the taskbar.
  • Various issues are addressed, including IE mode responsiveness, Dynamic Lighting power usage, cursor behavior in Japanese writing, and positioning of Widgets notification badges.
  • File Explorer-related issues are resolved, including shortcut menu access and unexpected window foreground appearance.
  • Performance enhancements are made to the shortcut menu in the desktop and File Explorer.
  • Narrator opening issues on the Setup screen during Windows installation are fixed.

This KB5033375 update is accessible to all using the public version of Windows 11 and not part of the Windows Insider program. You can check for the update in Settings > Windows Update.

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  1. As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, I don’t have specific information on updates or releases that occurred after that date. Therefore, I’m not aware of the Windows 11 KB5033375 December Update.

    To get the latest and most accurate information on Windows updates, I recommend checking Microsoft’s official website or your Windows Update settings on your computer. Microsoft regularly releases updates to improve security, fix bugs, and add new features to the operating system.


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