Moto X4 Stock ROM (XT1900-1 / XT1900-2 Firmware Flash File)

Following the guide, you can Download and Install Stock ROM On Moto X4 [Official Firmware flash file]. This also helps you to Unroot, Unbrick, Fix bootloop and Back to stock. Just like any other Moto devices, the devises stock ROM is very clean and doesn’t have loads of bloatware. It is clean and stable. This is one of the main reason for the device’s performance.

If you own any of the devices and looking for the stock firmware, then we have got you covered here. if you don’t follow the guide correctly you may end up bricking your device. We have collected more information about Moto X4 Stock ROM down if you want you can read it from down.

Android is an open source operating system so there are loads of modified ROMs or firmware commonly known as Custom ROMs are available for Android devices. Users love to root and install these custom ROMs to get more features which were missing from the official firmware. But if the user misses a single step, he/she may brick the android phone and only be installing the stock firmware can restore the device.

The installation process is quite easy just you have to download the required things from the download section. For installing this stock ROM you have to take the help of SP Flash tool software. If you already knew the process of installing then you don’t need to take the help of installation part or if you don’t know the process then you can take the help of the installation part.

Install Official Firmware On Moto X4 (Back to stock, Unbrick, Unroot and Fix Bootloop)

There are loads of benefits of having the stock ROM of an Android device. You can Fix Bootloop and Black screen issue by flashing back the stock firmware. If you are facing some software related issues, then you can flash the stock ROM to fix that. You can Unbrick and unroot your device by flashing back the stock firmware which will give you your device’s warranty back.

Moto X4 Stock ROM Details:

  • Download Format: Zip Verison
  • Firmware Type: Official
  • Tool Supported: ADB and fastboot
  • Gapps File: Included
  • Device Supported: Moto X4

What Is Stock ROM and What are its benefits?

benefits of stock rom

Stock ROM’s are the ones that come pre-installed on phones or tablets. These are the versions of Android developed by the OEM’s for making their phones look unique. They also come with pre-installed with certain apps.

The reason for the usage of Custom ROM’s over Stock ROM’s are:

1) Security: These ROM’s are developed by big companies and hence there are fewer chances of malware/ virus affecting the phone.

2) Warranty: Installing a Custom ROM needs root access and this voids warranty of your smartphone in most cases. A lot of OEM’s do not allow the root access or customization.

3) Pre-installed apps and features: A lot of these ROM’s come with pre-installed apps which are sometimes useful. These apps vary between different manufacturers and even for models. Some OEM’s also give their customers premium features like Launchers, wallpapers, home screen, etc.

The Advantages Of Moto X4 ’s Stock Firmware

  • Flash Stock To Unbrick your Moto X4
  • Flash Stock ROM to Fix the bootloop problem.
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Moto X4
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on your phone.
  • To fix the lag or stutter on Moto X4
  • Revert back to stock to gain your warranty

Download Moto X4 Flash File / Stock ROM

Build Number Security Patch
PPWS29.69-39-6-11 (Latest)
August 2020 -Android 9
Android 9
September 2019-  Android 9
September 2019

Steps To Install Official Stock ROM On Moto X4 (Unbrick/Unroot)

Here is our comprehensive guide to flash the stock firmware a.ka ROM on Moto X4

Disclaimer: is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide so please proceed at your own risk. However, we would be happy to help with any problems within our reach


Moto X4 Stock ROM (XT1900-1 / XT1900-2 Firmware Flash File)

Method 1:

This is adb sideload method. For this, you need to download the right firmware file, install the ADB and Fastboot tool along with Motorola USB Drivers. After doing all these required things, follow the linked guide:

 | Guide: How to Use ADB Sideload to Install ROMs and Mods On Android

Method 2:

  • Save the downloaded firmware into the ADB installation directory
  • Open the ADB folder and click shift+right click and open command here
  • Connect your device to PC and boot the device into bootloader mode by pressing and holding power button and volume down button
  • Enter the following commands on to the command window:
    mfastboot flash partition gpt.bin
    mfastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
    mfastboot reboot-bootloader
    mfastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
    mfastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn
    mfastboot erase modemst1
    mfastboot erase modemst2 
    mfastboot flash bluetooth BTFM.bin
    mfastboot flash dsp dspso.bin
    mfastboot flash logo logo.bin
    mfastboot flash boot boot.img
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.3
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.4
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.5
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.6
    mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.7
    mfastboot flash system_b system_other.img
    mfastboot flash oem oem.img
    mfastboot erase carrier
    mfastboot erase userdata
    mfastboot erase ddr
    fastboot reboot

Hope you are clear with the installation guide. If you have any queries please leave a comment below.

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