Download Android 11 Custom ROM for Any Phone

This year Google has released its much-awaited Android 11 official stable OS for the eligible Android devices apart from the Pixel series devices. Google has also uploaded the Android 11 Source Code to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) so that third-party custom firmware developers can easily build their own aftermarket ROMs, thanks to the Android’s open-source platform. Most smartphone OEMs include a bunch of unnecessary apps (bloatware) that can’t be uninstalled. While the aftermarket Custom ROM comes with bloatware-free clean UI. So, if you’re using a Project Treble supported Android device and looking for Android 11 Best Custom ROM to download then this article is for you.

Android 11 is the successor of the last generation Android OS that includes plenty of additional features and improvements. Currently, the stable Android 11 is only available for eligible Pixel devices and some of the non-Pixel Android devices are running on the preview beta build. However, the Android 8.0 Oreo or higher version running device users can simply install the Android 11 GSI to get an early taste of it before receiving the official update by OEMs. Custom ROMs are based on the official Android source code that can be customized or developed by third-party developers. Here we’ve shared all the useful features of Android 11.

Android 11 Features

  1. Scheduled Dark Mode
  2. Smart Reply & Smart Folders
  3. Improved App Suggestions
  4. Conversations Notification
  5. Built-in Screen Recording
  6. Pin Apps to Sharing Menu
  7. Improved Voice Access (Accessibility)
  8. Bluetooth Active in Airplane Mode
  9. Improved Privacy & Security Features
  10. A New Power Menu
  11. Redesigned Device Controls
  12. Redesigned Music Control
  13. One-Time App Permissions
  14. Permissions Auto-Reset
  15. Chat Bubbles
  16. Notification History
  17. Wireless Android Auto
  18. Google Play System Update (Security Patch)
  19. Talkback braille keyboard
  20. Improved Lookout Mode
  21. Improved Camera features (Bokeh Mode, Built-in HAL, and Camera2 API support)
  22. Enhanced Digital Wellbeing
  23. Improved Enterprise Mode
  24. Improved Autofill Keyboard Suggestions
  25. Nearby Share
  26. Scoped Storage
  27. Resume on Reboot
  28. Blocked Permissions
  29. Soft Reboot
  30. Background Location
  31. Improved Call Screening (Identify Spams)
  32. Picture-in-picture mode
  33. 5G detection API
  34. Hinge angle sensor support
  35. Ethernet tethering
  36. Gesture sensitivity

Download Android 11 Custom ROM for Any Phone

Download Android 11 Custom ROM for Any Phone

Most importantly, Custom ROMs come with plenty of additional features and customizations that make them unique and popular among advanced Android lovers. But there are downsides too in the custom firmware like it may be as stable as a stock ROM, unable to receive the official software update from OEM, some official features won’t be available on Custom ROMs, battery performance may degrade a bit, lack of security or privacy measures in some cases, etc.

So, if you’re eagerly waiting for the Android 11 Custom Firmware to install on your device before anyone else, then check out some of the popular Custom ROMs below based on Android R.

1. List of Lineage OS 18 (Android 11) Supported Devices

2. List of AOSP Android 11 Supported Devices

All the respective device model links contain download links of the firmware, flashing steps, requirements, known bugs, etc. However, if you want to follow the universal custom firmware flashing method then check out the guide below:

Steps to Install Android 11 Custom ROM for any Android Devices

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